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Hot Pods

Greetings! Stephen Dixon from “Hot Pods” kindly got in touch an asked if I’d like to try some of his sauces. Of course I said I’d be delighted – check out the website – hotpodschilliproducts.com – where you’ll find a veritable array of great looking sauces. The artwork on the bottles and the flavoursome ingredients are very inviting – there’s one containing rhubarb and another one made with plums!

Today’s sauce is called “Rampage” – a Horseradish Hot Sauce made with super-hot chillies, mustard, pears & peas! Yep, you heard correct – pears & peas. As you can image it goes great with beef.

Worth noting too that Stephen’s young daughter Maisie has just started her own YouTube channel called “All About Chillies” – so check out the future of YouTube hot sauce reviewers.

Bang! Bang! Oil

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