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Happy New Year!

Ok, so we’re now in the 2nd week of January – Happy New-ish Year? Would that be a bit more appropriate? Anyway, better late than never…

Which brings me to my second badly timed greeting – Merry Frickin’ Christmas! This video has me & my good friend Marc dressed up in Santa hats all Christmassy, like a couple of bemused elves, trying out a bottle of South Devon Chilli Farm’s 1 million Scoville “Ghost Chilli Sauce” available at

It was recorded just after Christmas and I’ve only now had the chance to edit it together and bung it up on YouTube. I know, really slack!

Anywho, enjoy and don’t forget to share, like & comment and all that. After all it is Christmas. Well, it will be again soon – the adverts will be out in earnest soon enough, just as your liver & credit cards begin to recover from the last one… 🙂

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