Matt Tangent vs KILLER KETCHUP

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Lick My Dip - Subscription Hot Sauce

Lick My Dip

Hello. This is my review of KILLER KETCHUP, a very hot Ghost Pepper Chilli Sauce from Hot Face Sauces and available at You can keep up with their goings on via Facebook & Twitter too.

It came as part of the May 2016 Lick My Dip monthly subscription box. It was a special box too as it was Lick My Dip’s 1st Anniversary – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Also in this box was a Death Brownie from The Chilli Shop in Leeds available at and a Trinidad Scorpion Sauce Keyring from The Wiltshire Chilli Farm available at

There are also a couple of oh-so hilarious outtakes at the end of this one, and at one point I got so cross I even done a big swear. 🙂

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