Matt Tangent vs Tubby Tom’s SCORPION SLAMMER

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Tubby Tom's

Tubby Tom’s

Monthly hot sauce subscription box ‘Lick My Dip’ and Gloucester chilli and BBQ sauce producer Tubby Tom recently held a caption competition which I won. So yeah, go me!

Part of my winnings included a ‘late stage development preview’ of Tubby Tom’s new Super Hot sauce entitled ‘Scorpion Slammer’ which contains, yes you guessed it, Scorpion Chillies! At the time of recording the sauce was not yet available to buy on Tom’s website – it might well be now so you should really pay a visit to just to be sure.

Also, if you’re into your hot chilli products (why else would you be here otherwise?) you should seriously consider signing up for a monthly box of Lick My Dip. It’s how I discovered Tubby Tom and many other quality UK chilli producers. Do tell them I said Hi. 🙂

Wow! Scorpions!

Bang! Bang! Oil

It’s the antidote to bland food!

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