Tubby Tom’s Death Dust & Ltd Edition Mango & Black Sesame Hot Sauce

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Tubby Tom’s Death Dust

Tubby Tom kindly sent me a bottle of his Limited Edition Mango & Black Sesame Hot Sauce containing Sugar Rush Peachy Chillies grown by The Devon Chilli Man. It tasted fantastic – very sweet & fruity with a hint of turmeric and the black sesame seeds were a nice touch – but it wasn’t as hot as I was expecting.

Tom also sent me a tin of his superb Death Dust – Carolina Reaper Rub – for rubbing all over one’s meat! Nice, salty & smoky with a decent amount heat from the Reapers. I sprinkled a load on some prosciutto panini which worked very well apart from the fact I look a bit of a twat when I’m eating prosciutto.

Check out Tubby Tom’s website – www.tubbytoms.com

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