Bang! Bang! Oil review from Chilihead Icewolf77

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I was recently asked by German chilli blogger & hot sauce critic ‘Chilihead Icewolf77’ (real name Thomas von Ledebur) if I could send him a bottle of Bang! Bang! Oil to review. Thomas was so keen he even covered the postage costs. 🙂
Thomas von Ledebur

Thomas von Ledebur aka Chilihead Icewolf77

You can check out the full piece on his blog HERE.

If your German is not up to scratch, below is the main body of the review translated into English by Thomas himself. I originally tried using Google Translate but that didn’t work particularly well…

“High Quality cold pressed rapeseed oil meets extremely hot Ghost Peppers. And because that wasn’t enough, a little bit of Pepper Extract was added. You can’t taste the extract, no bitter/metallic aftertaste. Top notch product that can easily be dosed out of the little dropper bottle. Excellent to spice up any dish and very handy for outdoor (to go / on the way) use. The lid has a child proof lock, someone put some thought into that. The heat builds up slowly, ghost pepper typical. Absolute buy recommendation.”

Thanks for the great review Thomas, much appreciated. 🙂

As well as via the blog you can follow Thomas via the Chilihead Icewolf77 Facebook page and via Twitter @Icewolf77.

Bang! Bang! Oil

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