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Bryan from Willy Pete’s Chocolate Company in Connecticut, USA, kindly got in touch after he saw me take on the Bunsters Sh*t The Bed Chilli Chocolate 12/10 Heat #OneBlockChallenge.

He thought I might like to have a go at the MOAB – MOTHER OF ALL BARS #OneBarChallenge – The MOAB is an 8oz bar of Dark Chocolate infused with Carolina Reapers (2 of them) and Caramel containing a further 2 ground up Scorpion Peppers. Definitely NOT for the faint-hearted.

Do check out Willy Pete’s website –

The challenge is to simply eat the whole bar in one sitting, and if that’s not tricky enough, try to do it in a good time too. Johnny Scoville holds the current record of 6mins & 49 secs with the previous record before that being 12 mins.

So how did I do? I’ve gotta say, this was one of the toughest chilli challenges I’ve taken on, not least because of the amount of chocolate & caramel involved. And yeah, it was f-ing hot too. That evening and for several hours I was in a lot of burning bother…

Bang! Bang! Oil

It’s the antidote to bland food!

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